Do You know what makes your phone ring?

With ProCallTrack you have the most comprehensive call tracking, sales lead tracking, voicemail & call recording solution in the industry to help you close more sales.

Call Tracking
Text Messaging
Unified Voicemail

Call Tracking

Increase sales and make more money with phone call tracking and call recording by identifing which marketing campaigns and sources make your phone ring.


Real-time dashboard

With ProCallTrack, you have an easy to understand dashboard to show you real-time information about inbound phone calls, voicemail notifications, call volume and agent/representative activity.

Real-time phone assignment ( Local + Toll free )

Whether you need a toll free or local phone number in your town or creating a virtual presence elsewhere, ProCallTrack has you covered. With 800, 855, 866, 877 and 888 toll free numbers (including optional vanity selection) and local numbers in all 50 US States and in Canada, you can search and instantly activate phone numbers.

Local Number Porting: Have an existing toll free or local number you want to keep? No problem! ProCallTrack allows for inbound porting of numbers. Wish to move your phone numbers to another carrier? We also allow for outbound porting of numbers as well. Additional fees apply.

Voice greeting before call connection ( Text to Speech, Custom Announcements )

All inbound calls have the optional ability to playback an audio message before connecting the call to you. We offer a simple text-to-speech solution where you can merely type your message and it announces the message, or you may record your own message and upload it via our simple web portal for a truely customized solution.

Professional Recording: If you are seeking professionally created recordings, please contact us.

Google Analytics Call Tracking

Easily integrate ProCallTrack into your Google Analytics to track call volume against web traffic and conversions. Track by campaign, phone number and call source with ease to better learn what converts to increase sales!

Email Notifications of Calls

Receive automatic notification of calls received and/or missed direct to your email. Includes detailed information include campaign, caller name and number, inbound number dialed and more. If the caller left a voicemail, we include the attachment too. No more missed calls which means higher probability you'll quickly reach that caller back and earn the sale!

Call Recording

Get valuable feedback to assess the quality of your leads, how your sales agents are interacting with callers and to evaluate service levels to ensure your customers are getting the best experience possible.

Turning on this feature is a snap! Just check a box and its working. Listening to call recordings is easy too - just locate the call and click the play button.

Geo-location Plotting / Call Radius Filtering

Do you KNOW where your callers are actually calling from? Are you running local campaigns and want to ensure that they are properly targeted? With ProCallTrack, we show you WHERE the calls are coming from, plotted onto a map. In addition, we can run radius filters to show how many calls came in, for example, 25 miles from your business establishment.


With ProCallTrack, you have real-time reporting of every inbound call for your campaigns. Our reports are easy to understand and provide a wealth of information to ensure that your campaigns are profitable and generating sales.

Unique Callers Report

Understand how many unique calls you are receiving, or are you getting too many repeat callers?

Call by Day, Hour, Source, & Campaign

Get detailed information about call volume down to the minute, what advertising source the calls are coming from, organized by campaign.

Call Detail Report (CDR)

Detailed information about every inbound call including number dialed, date/time, caller name and number, duration and more.

Virtual Call Center Features

With ProCallTrack you receive highly advanced call center features with every plan. Once available only to large companies, we can now bring you cutting edge call center features to help increase your sales and profitability.

Destination Call Forwarding

Forward your calls directly to your landline, mobile or VoIP number; or use our FREE integrated softphone.

Call Screening

Be alerted before answering your call; with option to accept or decline the call. Easily can be turned on and off from web portal.

Round Robin / Weighted Round Robin Call Distribution

Evenly send calls to your agents; or use the weighted round robin feature to send more calls to top performing sales agents.

Geo-Routing Call Distribution

Direct calls to the proper agents based upon call origination location.

Integrated Agent Software & Softphone

Free Softphone allows for inbound and outbound calling, call transfers, screen notifications, web-CRM integration and agent activity management.

Voicemail (Agent/Camapign)

Automatically divert calls to voicemail when agents are unavailable, busy or after hours.

  • Custom Outgoing Message
  • Email Notification
  • Automatic Transcription (Speech to Text)

Advanced Integration Solutions

Increase your sales and understanding by extending the ProCalTrack platform into your own systems.

PPC Keyword Tracking & Number Rotation

With a simple cut-and-paste of Javascript, you can instantly know which keywords were used to make your caller dial to you!

Web Hooks

For every event on the ProCallTrack platform, we can send an outbound HTTP(S) request to an endpoint you define for further event processing and notification.

SMS Text Messaging

Increase your sales and and customer retention through text messaging. Inbound and outbound text messaging allows for interactive customer responses to create new relationships with open lines of communication.

Inbound Text Messaging

Real-time shortcode/Phone Number Assignment

Bring your own short code, rent one from us, or use any 10 digit phone number for traditional SMS/text messaging. SMS Numbers are available in all 50 US states, Canada and in many European countries as well.

Keywords for Message Processing

Select keywords for inbound message processing and tie automated actions around those keywords. Ideal for instant promotions (e.g. text "SALE" to 123456 and receive a coupon code), surveys and more!

Message Processing Actions

Every inbound text message can have an assigned automated processing action, to faciliate even better communication with your customers!

Send Email Response

Automatically sends an email of the text message to an email address you specify. Includes the message, SMS number and date/time of when the message was sent.

Send SMS Reply

Send an automated reply back to the sending SMS number.

Web Hook for 3rd-Party Procesing

Extend our text messaging platform into your own application using our HTTP(S) web hooks.

Opt-Out Handling and Reporting

With ProCallTrack, we handle the opt-out tracking automatically for you. Whenever someone sends a message with the keywords 'STOP', 'CANCEL', 'UNSUBSCRIBE' - or variations upon those, we automatically flag their number for no further messaging. This makes you in full compliance of the law, and we provide full accountability through opt-out reporting.

Outbound Text Messaging

Real-time shortcode/Phone Number Assignment

Bring your own short code, rent one from us, or use any 10 digit phone number for traditional SMS/text messaging. SMS Numbers are available in all 50 US states, Canada and in many European countries as well.

Bulk SMS Campaign Setup

Whether you have 1 or 1 million messages to send, we track everything for you by campaign. Assign which number will "send" the text message, schedule when it will be sent.

Upload SMS Number List

A simple list of SMS phone numbers can be uploaded, attached to a campaign - we then take care of the sending, automatically for you.

Opt-In / Opt-Out Handing and Reporting

Only ProCallTrack offers an automated Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Can-Spam Act compliant solution to ensure compliance with sending text messages. Every new SMS phone number added to our system undergoes a required opt-in process whereby we send the "owner" of that SMS phone number an email requesting opt-in. This ensures that you have full compliance and legal authority to send text messages to your customers, without the risk of fines.

Unified Voicemail

You have an office, mobile, and VoIP/PBX phone numbers - and each has its own voicemail; until now! Unified voicemail bridges together each and provides a single voicemail where all your messages live.


Easy Setup & Configuration

Mobile setup is a snap with our mobile "app" that works on Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices.

Phone systems (PBX) which support call forwarding when there is no answer also can you our service too!

Customizable Outgoing Message

With an easy way to customize your outgoing message, your unified voicemail is exactly what you want for you and your staff.

Save Time Using Unified Voicemail

With a single voicemail inbox, you save time by checking just a one voicemail account. That means more productivity for closing sales & working with customers!

Automatic Voicemail Transcription

Every voicemail that is received automatically gets transcribed - so if you're in an important meeting, you can instantly know what your voicemail has to say, without excusing yourself!

Automated Voicemail Delivery

Voicemail messages can be delivered automatically by email or text message to your smart device. No more waiting until you have time to check your voicemail - you receive it instantly!

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